Lube oil polishing is required to produce high quality lube oils from re-refined oil distillates

Lube oil re-refining is a highly complex endeavor because waste oils and their high viscosity distillates –as derived during waste oil recycling – have a complex set of interdepending properties which define the quality & price of the final product. Therefore, simple distillation is not enough. You need to use a subsequent lube oil finishing treatment. Flexible lube oil polishing processes are needed to adapt to the independent behavior of the oil distillates and to achieve the best product possible. Such a treatment gets rid of unstable sulfurized and oxidized compounds, odorous components and ash particles. The Enviroflex lube oil finishing system leads to a clear, light color – finally reaching a water white color depending on the number of passes through our Company. Our systems reach an oil quality that is considered as the highest refining standard.

Traditionally, there are two groups of lube oil polishing processes: clay based lube oil finishing treatments and catalytic hydro treatments. For many plant operators, hydro finishing incurs too high capital expenses and is potentially too dangerous given the use of hydrogen under high temperatures and extreme pressures. Traditional clay based finishing treatments and the old acid-clay processes require much lower capital investments, but produce a lot of waste which poses an environmental problem as it must be treated by the disposal companies prior to disposal. This has led to these technologies being banned in some countries around the world. Here, our LPU Media adsorbent mineral polishing system is the perfect solution to provide you with the best of both worlds without using any chemically activated clay. Our LPU lube oil finishing systems rely on our 100% natural high surface area mineral to enhance your lube oil distillates. The LPU, thus, yields high quality group I & group II base oils without the usage of any chemicals. The LPU is environmentally friendly producing only low amounts of waste that can be directly disposed at a local landfill without pretreatment as standard industrial waste. This makes the LPU lube oil finishing treatment system an excellent economic & environmental proposition for your lube oil polishing needs.

Enviroflex Adsorbent Mineral Polishing Systems offer a low capital lube oil finishing treatment to produce group I and group II base oils
The LPU’s specially manufactured ENVIROFLEX mineral has been physically enhanced for maximum performance – without any chemical additives

The equipment of the LPU is based on the proven technology of the ENVIROFLEX COMPANY. The LPU lube oil post-processing plant uses several banks of active columns containing the LPU environmentally friendly adsorbent mineral. The LPU is a naturally occurring mineral that has been improved in a physical process to yield higher adsorbency performance. The special processing of the mineral ensure that its properties are comparable to that of acid-activated clay, but without the environmental problems of using these chemically activated clays. The initial thermo-physical treatment of the LPU ensures that it can be reactivated by our re-refined oil polishing system. You can, therefore, reuse the ENVIROFLEX for several hundred cycles before it needs to be replaced. This results in operating cost advantages compared to conventional bleaching clay finishing treatments. In addition, the used mineral of our LPU is environmentally safe and can be disposed at a conventional landfill after its lifetime. This makes the LPU the most environmentally friendly lube oil post-processing treatment. For those that are rather looking for a clay based base oil finishing treatment, the HERING RCPS reactivation clay polishing system is the right choice.

The ENVIROFLRX re-refined oil polishing system can treat oil flow rates up to 27,000 liters per hour

The LPU natural regenerative media polishing system can be supplied in oil processing capacities ranging from 50 liters per hour to 27,000 liters per hour. The LPU is especially suited for medium capacity plants that operate under strict environmental legislation. Our lube oil enhancement process is as an excellent alternative to hydrotreating systems for lube oil finishing treatment. We can supply our LPU re-refined oil finishing treatment plant either in conjunction with a non-cracking evaporator front-end as our ENVIROFLEX  waste oil recycling plant or as an add-on or retrofit to an existing re-refining plant. The LPU natural regenerative media polishing system is perfectly suited to substitute clay-based treatments and old acid-clay processes. We can customize the LPU layout to seamlessly replace your current acid-clay treatment with our modern lube oil finishing treatment.


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