The Highest Quality & The Most Economical Solutions for
Separation Technology and Environmental Protection Technologies

Enviroflex GmbH is an Austrian engineering company that designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality machinery and systems as well as implementing plants and executing turnkey projects in three main fields:
Used Lube Oil Treatment and Lubricants | Membrane Covered Composting Plant | Separation Technology
With different applications in Used Engine Oil Re-refineries as well as Water and Waste-Water Treatment projects and Composting Plants. Enviroflex GmbH also manufactures Oil Polishing Unit with Bauxite Sorbent including Sorbent Reactivation. Enviroflex GmbH also delivers Membrane Cover Composting Plants, Quality Membranes, Flocculant Preparation units, Sludge Thickening & Dewatering projects, Flocculant, and Filtration Fabrics.

Used Oil Treatment

Separation Technology