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About us

Enviroflex GmbH is an Austrian company registered in Vienna, Austria under number FN 412748 t, we work with more than 30 years of experience, knowledge, and education from our founders. Enviroflex GmbH is active in three main business fields:

  • Used Lube Oil Treatment and Lubricants
  • Membrane Covered Composting Plant
  • Separation Technology

Enviroflex GmbH delivers complete Used Lube Oil Re-refinery for recovery and refining of used motor oil and any used lube oil on a turnkey basis. Our systems are included separation of water and light fuel at first, then evaporation/distillation at one to three stages by Wiped Film-Short Path Evaporators in high vacuum up to 0.4 mbar a. Then decolorization and treatment of distilled oil are done by Oil Polishing Units, by using of reactivable Bauxite Sorbent and/or Solvent treatment recovery units.

Enviroflex GmbH is one of few companies that manufacture oil polishing units, for black distilled oil as well as by usage of activated Bauxite that can be reactivated hundreds of times. Enviroflex GmbH not only manufactures Transformer Oil Regeneration Units but also delivers lube oil and lubricants blending units in different sizes and specifications.

Enviroflex GmbH also delivers Mixed and formulated Activated Bauxite proper for both polishing black distilled oil and transformer oil regeneration.

Our other business field is designing and constructing of complete Composting Plants.

Enviroflex GmbH offers Membrane Cover Composting Plants to prevent odor emission, and to reduce insects and birds around the plant.

Enviroflex GmbH also supplies Membranes for Composting Plants under our brand name.

In the field of Separation technology, Enviroflex GmbH designs and delivers on turnkey basis total Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Units.

Enviroflex GmbH uses belt thickeners, belt presses, and screw presses with our designed systems. We have been manufacturing a lot of Flocculant Preparation Units for the production of flocculant solution from powder or liquid flocculants (polyacrylamide or PAM)

Enviroflex GmbH also delivers not only Flocculants (Polyacrylamide) but also Polyester Filtration Fabrics used for belt presses and thickeners under our brand name.

The sophisticated automation is our advantage and all of our systems that controlled by the usage of quality instruments and transmitters and Siemens PLC control panel, we design the control system much more complete than others, but easy to operate. Our system can be controlled from far away from the plant, everywhere by using the internet with consideration of safety.