Distilled Oil Polishing Unit (DOPU)

Unique Process Technology

  • Polishing/filtration of Black distilled lube Oil
  • Polishing by passing from Sorbent inside different columns
  • Usage Activated Sorbent
  • Reduction of Colour Index, Sulphur, Acidity, and smell of distilled oil
  • Possibility to producer API Group I, API Group II and API Group III base oil
  • Continuous operation, 6 hours per day polishing, and 18 hours per day reactivation period
  • UP to 500 times Sorbent reactivation
  • Proper for lube oil, Diesel, and other hydrocarbons
  • Up to 4 banks of 30 columns, Independent Roots Blowers for each bank
  • No Re-turbidity. 98% efficiency, only about 2% high sulfur oil
  • Different sizes from 1 to 144 columns, Long Columns
  • Different feed capacities from 250 kg/day to 81 tons/day
  • High settable efficiency up to 99% according to the inlet oil quality
  • Delivery of our formulated developed Sorbent at our brand

Specification of Polished Oil:

Color Index: 0.5 to 2.0 according to ASTM D1500
Sulphur: 250 to 1200 ppm according to ASTM D2622
Acidity: 0.01-0.02 mgKOH/gm according to ASTM D974




Distilled Oil Polishing Unit PDF

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Control Skid
6 Columns Bank

Up to 4 (four) 30-Column Banks 
Independent Roots Blowers for each bank

Control Skid with Roots Blower
30 Columns Oil Polishing Unit with sorbent and reactivation
Activated Sorbent
Regenereted Product

Different Views of a Skid of Columns - Black Distilled Oil Polishing Units (12 Columns in 1 Bank)