Solvent Extraction & Recovery Unit

Unique Process Technology

  • Extraction, Filtration, and decolorization of recycled used lube oil
  • Proper for all kinds of recycled base oil, vacuum side streams,acid-refined oil, black diesel oil, waste hydraulic oil, etc.
  • Multi-stage centrifugal contactor mixing unit for extraction and refining of oil with solvent to ensure a higher quality of polished lube/base oil
  • 4 stages mixing oil with solvent and separation the residue by centrifuges with adjustable speed more than 1500 rpm
  • The viscosity, viscosity index, acid value, carbon residue, demulsification value, pour point, saturated hydrocarbon of refined base oil can reach or closed to the API II standard, like hydrogenated base oil.



Solvent Recovery PDF

More questions:

  • Proper system for comprimarios with Sorbet Oil Polishing unit
  • Removing he non-ideal components like short-side aromatics, heavy aromatics, sulfides, oxides, nitrides, colloid, asphalt, PAH, etc.
  • Increment viscosity index with elimination of bad compounds
  • Usage of N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP) as solvent
  • Efficiency of extracted product up to 98% of the oil feed
  • Recovery of solvent up to 99.8% of solvent
  • Mixing Ratio 1:1 for oil and solvent
  • Minimum amount of required stock of solvent in the plant, about 25% to 50% of daily oil feed
  • Recovery of solvent from oil and residue with distillation tower at high vacuum 2000-7000 pa absolute pressure and 130 to 150 ° C.
  • Differed capacities from 5,000 liter/day to 100,000 liter/day oil feed
Solvent Extraction
Centrifuge for mixing & separation
Solvent Extraction & Recovery Unit