Used Oil Re-refinery

Production of Base Lube Oil & Distilled Fuel from Used Motor Oil

  • Evaporation/Distillation process under high vacuum
  • Polishing/ Decolorization by Activated Sorbent
  • Sorbet Reactivation hydrides of times
  • NMP Solvent Treatment/Recovery as an option
  • Environment-friendly Process, Zero discharge
  • Different plant feed amount, 1 ton/day up to 100 ton/day
  • Base Oil with quality API Group I & distilled fuel as final products
  • API Group II quality with combination of NMP Solvent treatment/Recovery
  • Heavy hydrocarbon Residue used at Asphalts Factories
  • Low evaporation temperature, Max. 305° C (preventing any cracking)
  • High Vacuum Pressure, up to 0.4 mbar
  • Different oil viscosities by vacuum setting and several distillations
  • Maximum base Lube Oil recovery up to 82%
  • Product without any bad smell
  • No emission, usage of scrubber, activated carbon filter or flare for preventing any pollution




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Enviroflex GmbH
supplies Wiped Film-Short Path Evaporators (WFE) with condenser inside the columns as a part of a complete used oil Re-refinery.

The standard sizes are from 0.1 sqm to 21.5 sqm evaporation surface area.

Enviroflex GmbH also delivers multi-stage vacuum system to reach high vacuum up to 0.4 mbar 
at 305 °C during operation.

Enviroflex GmbH also integrates the system by adding external condenser and cold trap to eliminate hydrocarbons and odors.