Membranes for the Composting Plants

3-Layer Membrane

Enviroflex GmbH supplies quality membranes for the composting Plants with registered Trademark Enviroflex and product name ENF-COMPOS-MEB. The applied 3-layer laminate is based on an antibacterial inner layer, a UV-stabilized outer layer, and the proper functional and breathable membrane as intermediate layer.

Due to the combination of these layers to the composite material, the achieved performance allows high breathability for vapor, highest possible retention concerning odor, dust, and germs, prevention of rainwater penetration, sturdiness in handling, and long product durability.


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3-Layer Membrane Cover
Opening in the Membrane with Twisted Cap for Insertion of a Probe

The size and shape of the membranes are according to the size of boxes or heaps of the composting plants and can be delivered according to the requirement. The outside edges are protected with tarpaulin which are holding the loops and back straps for easy handling.

Size and Shape of Membrane (Concept Indication, Some Details may Vary)

Cover for biodegradable material:

The material textile structure consists of three layers, a fabric interior (PES HT Taslan), an external fabric (PES HT Taslan), and a membrane breathable waterproofed inside. This textile contributes to the fermentation process of material to compost. Composting is a biological aerobic process through which micro-organism act on the matter quickly biodegradable allowing compost.


Flame retardant: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has the property of being Flame Retardant with this avoids any spreading of flame in the events that occur in combustion not desired.

A priority objective of the treatment process of aerobic decomposition of organic matter is to get the clearing of material. So that they are destroyed pathogens by prolonged effects of high temperatures that are generated since it is a process exothermically. Generated some physical conditions prone to auto-combustion of organic material that has acquired a significant degree of dryness in the fermentation process.

Compost piles can reach a temperature of 80 °C attributed to the heat generated by microbial breathing during the process of fermentation of organic matter.

Conditions that contribute to the spontaneous combustion of piles are:

  • Biological activity
  • Materials relatively dry
  • Piles of large size of dry material
  • The flow of air is limited.

Antibacterial Finishing: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has a finishing antibacterial with this property is not deposit colonies of bacteria and fungi on the surface contributing, therefore, the greater strength and durability to the cover. During the process of composting are issued odor due to the fermentation of the material to composting. With the implementation of the antibacterial treatment prevents forming groups of bacteria that are some of the causes of outward emission of odor, this feature does not harm bacteria of the interior of compost responsible for decomposition of organic matter.

PES Taslan High Tenacity yarn: ENF-COMPOS-MEB is manufactured with a PES Taslan yarn, with this yarn there are air Chambers between fibers facilitating retention of odor, the odor particles are retained and deposited in them.

High Tear Strength: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has a rib-stop weave, this fact tear strength is increased. During cover use and handing is in continued work since the pulling and poignant elements that can tear the textile structure during the process of winding and unwinding. Also during its use, in biodegradable materials are pieces of wood chips among others.

High tensile strength: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has a high tensile strength to withstand forces of pressurized as well as the burdens caused by the wind, rain, and snow.

High air permeability: ENF-COMPOS-MEB cover has a high air permeability, which assures us that the supply of oxygen inside the biodegradable material will be totally uniform facilitating the fermentation process.

High steam permeability: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has a high steam permeability, this service to dry quickly wet waste. The humidity of the wastes is evaporated through the cover making easier the drying.

High waterproofing: ENF-COMPOS-MEB has a high waterproofing to avoid the way that rainfall enters through the cover, allowing material can liberate moisture outside without penetrating water inside.